A little light flickers
(behind triangle eyes)
in the ghoulish grin.
He illumes the pumpkin patch,
beck’ning little ghosts home.

He promises cocoa morsels
(and hot apple cider)
for little witches and zombies –
child monsters of the night!

They throng through corn fields
and down golden avenues,
entreating against tricks.


Happy Halloween everyone!


Today I went down to Barnes & Noble, as is my custom now, and wrote some poetry. The poetical forms of this day were exotic, by which was meant foreign-to-English forms. I focused on the haiku, a Japanese form that in English is rendered as 17 syllables in three lines of 5,7,5. Usually the subject is nature, with the season being referenced in the haiku. There is some discussion as to whether or not the Japanese form can actually be translated into English for use, but I think the approximation is worth pursuing. I certainly had fun with it, at any rate.

Half of my haikus are about the autumn season, the other half are a macabre collection celebrating the holiday of Halloween.

Haikus on Autumn

A cool wisp of breeze
Rustles in the fallen leaves
Autumn is aground

A crow in flight caws
Harshly. The cold waning light
Lands on naked branch.

A leaf on the wind
Soaring, dancing, falling low
Joins its dying mates.

Chiseled pumpkin grins
Letting out the light within
Glows on the dark hearth

Halloween Haikus

Creaking and moaning
This cabin in the woods sits
Full of horror’s screams.

Frank the Monster
Frank the Monster

Jangling and clanking
Skellington walks into town
To trick-or-treat you.

Ghastly laughing ghoul
Haunts the house on the dark ridge
Ghost of virgin past

The monster moans low
He’s stitched and sewn together
Missing a partner.

Clink clank in the dank
Cold dungeon dark and slimy
Chained: rotten zombies.

Low moan on the heath
Zombie, ghost, or monster mean?
Just the autumn wind.

Like I said, I had fun, especially with the Halloween haikus which I wrote more in a spirit of the old gothic novels, creepy castles and Frankenstein’s monster, than in the mode of today’s horror films, which I detest for various reasons. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading through my haikus.

Until next time, have a spooktacular evening. *creepy laugh*