Happy (Haiku) Holidays

Jolly old Saint Nick
Mirth-full of fun and good cheer,
Comes down to chim’ town!

Gifts or coal black coal?
Stockings hung by fireplace wait
For Santa’s good will.

Stamp snuffle shuffle
Eight hooved beasts, ready to fly,
With holiday haul.

Workshop works round clocks
Makes Christmas come true again.
Thanks, little helpers!

Snow white, cold snow-fall-
Unless you live Down Under.
Then? X-mas Summer!

Frosty the snowman-
The magic snowfall dances-
Ice crystals now live.

Bright red sleigh, red nose –
Rudolf the reindeer now reigns
As Christmas hero!

I’m on the list – gulp –
Am I on the nice side, or
am I too Naughty?

Two tallies mark fate –
The long list separates us.
Please grade on a curve!

Nightfall over eve:
Green tree, white lights, and the gifts
Wait for Christmas morn.

A Haiku and Other Poems

Here follows a few poems I wrote over the summer, just for fun.

The first two poems I wrote while in traffic on my way to my summer job. I composed them in my head from a few images that came to me as I merged my way to my exit and wrote them down once I had safely parked. Of those two, the first is about a supercar in traffic, a concept I find endlessly amusing and a little bit sad, like a caged animal that deserves to be running free. I give you

Pent Up Rage

TwelV horses
Nowhere to race
Supercar in traffic

The second is a proper haiku about brake lights. For your consideration

Brakelite Haiku

Blinky red asses
Off and on the grey freeway
Little metal ‘flys

Next comes a poem that I wrote while in a local coffee shop called The White Rhino. I was struck by the seeming hipster-ness of it all, and was also contemplating the social justice warrior movement. Included herein are a play-on-lyrics, a reference to a video game, and well, here is


The White Rhino watches
Over mocha choca lattes
And lonely hipsters who first
Saw the waves breaking over Dawn
Rifles clutched tightly
Ready to battle the better beasts
Of industry and backward progress
As if they themselves had come
From another era, man buns
Wound tight to ward off the right
A new wave
Of social justice warriors

And last, but not least, a baseball poem based on a William Carlos Williams poem about some rainwater, chickens, and a red wheelbarrow. There is, above the infield, a

Pop up

So much depends upon a white baseball
In the blue, blue sky
Plopping into


So there you have a few poems. I love them, like fragile little butterfly children that I release into the harsh winter air. Be kind to them.


Happy Halloween everyone!


Today I went down to Barnes & Noble, as is my custom now, and wrote some poetry. The poetical forms of this day were exotic, by which was meant foreign-to-English forms. I focused on the haiku, a Japanese form that in English is rendered as 17 syllables in three lines of 5,7,5. Usually the subject is nature, with the season being referenced in the haiku. There is some discussion as to whether or not the Japanese form can actually be translated into English for use, but I think the approximation is worth pursuing. I certainly had fun with it, at any rate.

Half of my haikus are about the autumn season, the other half are a macabre collection celebrating the holiday of Halloween.

Haikus on Autumn

A cool wisp of breeze
Rustles in the fallen leaves
Autumn is aground

A crow in flight caws
Harshly. The cold waning light
Lands on naked branch.

A leaf on the wind
Soaring, dancing, falling low
Joins its dying mates.

Chiseled pumpkin grins
Letting out the light within
Glows on the dark hearth

Halloween Haikus

Creaking and moaning
This cabin in the woods sits
Full of horror’s screams.

Frank the Monster
Frank the Monster

Jangling and clanking
Skellington walks into town
To trick-or-treat you.

Ghastly laughing ghoul
Haunts the house on the dark ridge
Ghost of virgin past

The monster moans low
He’s stitched and sewn together
Missing a partner.

Clink clank in the dank
Cold dungeon dark and slimy
Chained: rotten zombies.

Low moan on the heath
Zombie, ghost, or monster mean?
Just the autumn wind.

Like I said, I had fun, especially with the Halloween haikus which I wrote more in a spirit of the old gothic novels, creepy castles and Frankenstein’s monster, than in the mode of today’s horror films, which I detest for various reasons. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading through my haikus.

Until next time, have a spooktacular evening. *creepy laugh*