Rainfall in Winter

I love the smell of rainfall
in winter.
The cold, wet, loaminess;
growth happening
beneath dampening dirt.
Little sprigs of green
between grey snow drifts,
melting drop by drop.
And little shining orbs:
rainwater on fallen leaves
from autumn past.

I breathe deep,
satisfied in my soul.
Rooted deep to earth
through sight, smell
and the mystery of life,
growing gently
in the winter rain.

Dark Christmas

Blood red nose;
Blood red suit;
Blood red slay.

Santa’s on the hunt.

Watch out, Calvin.
Be careful, Susie.
Santa checks his hit list twice:
once, to see your name;
once, to cross it off.

Nick’s got a team of nine
crack commando reindeer.
They came to break the naughty
and give out party
favors. And they’re all out
of party.

Blitzen’s blitzen’ across the snow
He’s got you in his sights now.
Donder’s donning his flak jacket-
No snowball barrage can stop him.

Don’t try to run –
Dasher’s faster.
Don’t try to plead –
Dancer and Prancer
love to jig
on snow angels.

Comet’s already crashed-
crushed your chimney;
set fire to your tree
and scattered the ashes
of your stockings.

Vixen and Cupid –
(the femme fatales) –
make the final blows
for Kris.

Kringle jingles all the way
to the ends of the earth.
Then back to frozen north,
frozen like his dark heart.

An army of elves
conduct surveillance for Yuletide,
the next dark Christmas.

Happy (Haiku) Holidays

Jolly old Saint Nick
Mirth-full of fun and good cheer,
Comes down to chim’ town!

Gifts or coal black coal?
Stockings hung by fireplace wait
For Santa’s good will.

Stamp snuffle shuffle
Eight hooved beasts, ready to fly,
With holiday haul.

Workshop works round clocks
Makes Christmas come true again.
Thanks, little helpers!

Snow white, cold snow-fall-
Unless you live Down Under.
Then? X-mas Summer!

Frosty the snowman-
The magic snowfall dances-
Ice crystals now live.

Bright red sleigh, red nose –
Rudolf the reindeer now reigns
As Christmas hero!

I’m on the list – gulp –
Am I on the nice side, or
am I too Naughty?

Two tallies mark fate –
The long list separates us.
Please grade on a curve!

Nightfall over eve:
Green tree, white lights, and the gifts
Wait for Christmas morn.


When is a boulevard
actually an avenue
to the road on which
a street becomes
the lane I shortcut
via the back alley?

Maybe I should
perform a u-turn?
What I mean is:
why are the signs
never clear until after
you’ve driven down
the parkway to brake
on the driveway?

Hang on…

is it left or right?

I need some clear directions
because I haven’t a thru
notion how to unfold
the GPS and ask Siri
which route leads to
life’s interstate highway.

Or perhaps I’ll just
stay on the service road?

Actually, I’ve paid the tolls
I’ve heard were due
and (now that I’m able)
I’ll cruise along the freeway
and hopefully I’ll not miss
my exit to what’s next.

Shiver My Timbers

I shiver my timbers
In the sudden warmth of March
Towards the twelfth dread
Another spin around the drain
maelstrom’s fire scorching space

I fancy myself piratical
adrift, now making sail
Heaving to galactic destiny
The siren sings of emancipation
Unlocking the depths

Yo oh heave ho
Haul anchors away
Into scarlet skies at night
Spinning yarns that couldn’t be told
Jones’ bones are allowed to speak
Dead man no more

Not all treasure
Is silvers of steel drenched
In blood
Pulled from beating hearts
Salty breezes sweep
Hearts high on sea swells