The Way Forward

Oh. Hello.

Last year I experimented with starting a podcast. It didn’t go so well. I found it awkward to talk without an audience to listen, and couldn’t get straight in my head who my audience was anyway. The actual process was frustrating because I kept stumbling over words and having to re-record and deal with technical complications.

I have been, and always will be, a word-monger. Writing is my “first, best destiny” to quote the great Mr. Spock. Therefore, I am reviving my blog. I have so many things I wish to say, and desire to add my voice in a constructive and positive way (I hope) to the global conversation. What I had intended for the podcast will be written up here.

It may be, after some time, I will attempt the podcast again. I am still intrigued by the platform. What I may do at that point is use my blog posts as a script for an audio-blog. Vlogs exists, why not a public personal log? I imagine myself as Lando Calrissian (though nowhere near as handsomely as Donald Glover) with my feet up on the dash of the Millennium Falcon speaking into a holo-recorder. I now suddenly want an office that is a recreation of the Falcon cockpit. Dreams!

Anyway, this is my re-launch of a regular posting schedule (TBD). Update your feeds and subscriptions, or simply watch this space. I have much to say, and can’t wait to say it. By the way, I don’t want to merely monologue. Let this be a dialogue, a discussion. I have a gmail that you can send any and all thoughts to. With your permission, I may respond in a future post. I do have a social media presence, but I don’t use anything but Instagram regularly and that is only for my photography and fun. For the moment social media is much more of a depressor than a stimulator. In the before times, it was a way to meet and collaborate and to be inspired, but not so much anymore, sadly.

Now, I send this little announcement out into cyberspace and trust to follow this humble beacon with a fleet of explorative thoughts. Thanks for listening.