Poems for the Poetical


I spent my evening at Barnes and Noble, a surprisingly quiet place to hang out, and worked through more of Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less Traveled. Here follows a few moderately good poems borne of the exercises that he suggested. As you might be able to tell, the subject was television. Enjoy.

Star Trek: Enterprise

They trek through stars in ships and pods
They beam and fight and talk and look
At blue Andorians, it’s true!
And pointy-eared Vulcan soldiers.

They meet a Tellerite trader,
The Borg, though they should not yet be
And the father of the fathers
of Data and Lore: Doctor Soong.



Bartowski, Sarah, and Morgan,
John Casey, Gen’ral Beckman.
It’s Chuck: the nerd, the spy, the man.
He fixes PC’s and

The world when its at risk by spies
And Fulcrum, Ring, and Volkov.
It’s Chuck: the man, the nerd, the spy
Who wins each day and night!



Bones and Booth, her mind his guns,
Solve the grisly and the grossest
Crimes that hit Virginia, D.C.
Squinterns/Sweets helps as well. Sometimes.

Bones never lie, they tell the truthly
Story of each crime. They, the bones,
Justice want and crave so mightily.
They cry: “Save us, clean us, of Sin!”


I was working with iambic tetrameter “Star Trek: Enterprise”, iambic tetrameter/trimeter “Chuck”, and trochaic tetrameter “Bones” if you were curious. Though, if you are good with scansion you might notice that none of these are consistent. Chalk it up to either bad form or creative license, depending on whether you mean me criticism or praise.


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