He stared into the mirror, and noticed his haggard, stubble faced self staring back out of it.

I wonder if I should get pizza for lunch today? he thought. Pizza is tasty, full of pepperoni, cheesy saucy goodness. It is also not good for me. Maybe I should have that leftover salad in the fridge instead, he continued to think.

Suddenly, in two little puffs of smoke, one thin, oily, dark and acrid smelling and the other like a little white fluffy cloud smelling faintly of honey, there stood two spirits on his shoulders.

The one, coalescing from the dark cloud, was red and reminded him of the popular images of Satan: hooves, tail, trident, horns, the whole bit. The other was a stunningly gorgeous female angel.

“Pizza? Do it. Do it!!” cackled the demonesque figure. He danced a wicked little jig on the shoulder of the man in the mirror. Corresponding little hoof impacts convinced the man the demon was dancing on his real shoulder as well. He shifted his eyes to the angel, wondering what she would say. After taking a long drag on her cigarette, she stubbed it out and sighed. “What the hell?” she said. “Go for it.”

He shrugged and the spirits fell off his shoulders, disappearing in puffs of smoke before hitting the floor.

He unlocked his iPhone and selected the top entry on his favorites page in the phone app. In seconds there was a voice on the line.

“Oh hey, Jerry. The usual?”

Jerry belched. “Yep.”

Seconds later he ended the call and scratched his head. He sat down on his worn out sofa to wait for the knock on his door.


Inspired by tweets between myself and @clarktacular.

@clarktacular maybe I’ll order pizza for lunch

@philredbeard @clarktacular *demon on shoulder* “do it!!” *angel on shoulder stubs out cigarette* “what the hell, do it.”

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I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe. I write about what interests me.

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