War Machine

I’ve grown weary of this war machine
grinds up the bones of the young
spitting out dust for ages
a stamping, crushing wine press
splitting skulls and spilling blood
o’re the rim

takes youths
spits back broken teeth
still the rich sorcerers call
more bullets
more guns
more death
satisfy the war machine

God weeps o’re the dead
decaying bodies of the children
the war machine has obliterated

ghouls call the war machine
each shapely bolt
pulled back to cuddle rounds
into chamber’s steaming embrace
caress seductive trigger
pump hot, sexy lead
into another soul

a child
a woman
a man
a brother
a mother
a sister
a son
another innocent angel falls

prey to the war machine
pray to the war machine

for mercy

Inspired by “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath