Silver Halide Dreams

All my tears will fade away
and dry will be
when I am dead and cold
and bones and dust
down in the ground
wafting on another
universe’s breeze

I will forget about you
when my brain clouds
over with silver halide
And all I see is another face
for eternity and anon
I won’t weep all night
and sleep all day

It don’t matter where you lay
my ashes: the ocean,
or an old rusty can
I’ll finally be free of you
and your love that I crave
there’s no earthly grave
can hold my soul

I want you now, my heart
is a fool and a clown
laughing at another’s jokes
face painted in smiles
like a moon reflecting sun
lighting up the night sky
death ends the longing

gold and silver won’t you buy
not all the foods in the world
they’d choke and end you
I can’t lure you nor woo you
I am home and I am free
I just don’t see my freedom
apart from a ceasing to be

a low chanting and calling
ancient majiks and dark sorcery
somewhere a priest prays for me
and my soul longs to escape your chains
don’t cry for me, I’ll be free
once upon a ghost getting
and a new horizon

blind eyes and temporary riches
these I have, all in store,
my friend take these coins and cash
toss them across the burial grounds
find me another to share my wealth
of life and love and seeing eyes
so I might not die today

it don’t matter what you say
what you do or where you stay
my release lies in the hands of another
an other soul to mate with mine
together deathless we’ll be
rampaging through eternity
wounded and whole


**inspired by life and “All My Tears” by Jars of Clay

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I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe. I write about what interests me.

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