wander, wander on

the path ahead is veiled
the ship from shore has sailed
I know not where I walk
specters beside me stalk
my heart is sad and weeps
my soul longs for sleep
weary I must trod along
within my mind a song
of tears and bitter memories
along the way mine enemies
spit and shout harsh words
they brandish, cut like swords
drip drop the plops of blood
I wash away with the flood
I long for days of warm sun
a time when smiles mean fun
instead of shields for pain
a shelter from the storm of rain
I know not where the path leads
or what will grow from these seeds
I only hope for a better day
and to walk a clearer way
I only wish for a kindred spirit
someone I can hold dearest
through the storm crows and ravens
within whose arms I find haven
a companion along the broken road
till then I stumble along the wode
pulling tattered cloak close about
in effort to keep the despair out
while I wander, wander on…

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I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe. I write about what interests me.

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