When We Are Alive

When We Are Alive

And just like that, the dark times are over. Oh, not for everyone, not for always, not in nooks and crannies, but light shines through now.

We used our courage, though small and frightened we were, as children staring down giants, we marched them backwards till they became tiny.

Brave we were, are, to confront the terrible face of life, stronger we grow, emerging from the valley. Never more this foe will bring us low.

After all, life is long and short, wild and calm, wonderful and terrible, bright and dark, and so much more lifey than we ever thought possible.

That is why the bitter makes us shudder, the sweet makes us dance, the shadows make us cower, and the brightness makes us roar. Life is dirty.

And life is good, full of things we never expected that make it worth the living. Pain and pleasure are the same, in the end,

when we are so alive.