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standing above the square esconced shoulder to shoulder statuesque saints and sinners my marbled companions weathered and stained white against the ribald blue we thousands gaze down upon the passersby tourists people posing confessing with a smile their joy at … Continue reading

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hot summer night fireflies in the grass flitting above the cornfields lighting up the night drifting on breezes that pass glowing against the darkening star field bioluminescent twinkling rivaling Mintaka’s binary beaming from Orion rising high wheeling bats signal dusk’s … Continue reading

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The Hundred and One (Sexist) Dalmatians?

The Hundred and One Dalmations by Dodie Smith is a delightful children’s book that I read as a kid (many times) and haven’t read since. I decided to read it again to see if it held up and was still … Continue reading

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There is a monster in our closet. He is big, and blue, and has scales and two fiery eyes. He has sharp teeth and likes to eat kids. And then he likes to eat babies for dessert. Continue reading

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LEGO HAZMAT: Monthly February 2012

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