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a sacrament

for Dave at the church of unholy billy bible pimps out sally sunday school back in the front pew goody two shoes rips up hymnals to roll the weed he sells on every street corner donny deacon leads his crew … Continue reading

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wanted poster

floundering, splashing, cavorting just below the waves dark and brooding seas I’m sure the sharks look up with wicked grin and snicker deciding whether or not to bother with my frail bones and empty skin a little bit of blood … Continue reading

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consider consquences

dedicated to the fight all LGBT face; in memory of David Kato how far would you go? how deep is your love? would you take your beliefs and nail a man to a cross? would you follow your heart and … Continue reading

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Words on the Page

I’ve started reading again. Actually, I have never stopped reading once I learned how, but in recent months I have slowed considerably. However, on my brother’s example, I have joined and have set myself the goal of reading 50 … Continue reading

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SWD: Evil’s Safe Haven

Anakin just murdered an entire clan, or tribe, of Tusken Raiders and is returning to the Lars homestead with his mother’s body. Padme cares very little for this fact, shrugging off their deaths as a natural result of human anger. … Continue reading

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I smacked my lips I slapped down my dollar I picked a McDouble I pulled out a few more singles and got a McChicken and and small drink. Gotta love that $$ menu I get greasy goodness and a few … Continue reading

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KOTS: The Weight of Silence

I am going to knock on the sky and listen to the sound. – Kevin Flynn I grew up praying to god. My earliest memories were praying over food, thanking god for our meal. I prayed over cheerios, peanut butter … Continue reading

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