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Uniquely Lithuanian

When one first encounters Lithuania, the most striking feature for many is the language. It has its own melody, a cadence that is mesmerizing. Life here is the same way: melodic and rapturous; but this isn’t something that you can … Continue reading

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Am I Ugly?

I have something to confess: I traffic in cultural stereotypes. The French are pansies and hate America; Canadians are bumblers; Mexicans just want to cross the border illegally; Americans are the best. I tell jokes about them, I laugh, I … Continue reading

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Miraculous Conception

I have a new niece with me in the world: Katherine “Katya” Elizabeth Martin. My sister-in-law Christine gave birth yesterday, and my brother’s family just got a little bit bigger. Ever since I was old enough to understand, I have … Continue reading

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Tears of the World Shakers

They walked the world. Most times, as you passed them on those long, hot dusty roads, you wouldn’t think anything of them. Another old man, leaning on a staff, clothed a bit shabbily, but then, what do you expect? Israel … Continue reading

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It Was Horrible!! (Updated)

Hello friends I blogged awhile ago about the online video sensation Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. Well, the geniuses behind that sensational web-epic have released the soundtrack on iTunes, so now you can enjoy all the original and catchy tunes for … Continue reading

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the Klaipeda Kid

Hello there… it has been awhile since I have posted, and I will try to update ya’ll on since then the happenings to me…but first, something that didn’t happen to me: my brother (Nate) got engaged! Congrats to the happy … Continue reading

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