Welcome to Your BUS to Vilnius

So, there we were, in the Frankfurt (Germany) airport, handing our boarding passes to the attendant, and being excited about heading finally to Lithuania. We go down the walkway, turn right, down again, and turn left to…go outside….to..a BUS??

Just when we were thinking we had REALLY gotten gypped by the travel agent, the bus took off across the tarmac and pulled up to a row of planes that did not have proper gates, and were only parked along the vast airport runway system. We filed out of the bus, and up a flight of movable stairs into our aircraft for our final flight.

Once inside, the seats were the most comfortable seats I have every had the privilege of sitting in while aboard an aircraft, and I settled in for a very luxurious flight. Above the grey skies and thick cloud banks, bright horizons and a blanket of snow white clouds beneath put my flight into the realms of serenity.

While not quite so poetic, my travels today have been very smooth and, dare I say, relaxing. We had breakfast in the Netherlands, lunch in Germany, and dinner in Lithuania. No problems with luggage, customs, airlines, or anything else for that matter. There was even no checkpoint in the Vilnius airport….no one asked for our insurance information (as we were told they would) and no one stopped us. We only paused to change dollars into litas, and to catch a taxi to our hostel.

Currently it is in the low 50s F, about 17 C, and rainy, like a fall day in the north-east United States. Hannah and I are settling in for a hopefully quiet and relaxing evening.

More to come, plus pictures…

Peace and Love


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