A Coffee Shop Isn’t

Once upon a time, two groups of not so happy people were living in a forest. One group found some brown beans, roasted them, and boiled them, and discovered coffee, and they were no longer unhappy. The other group found some leaves, crushed and rolled them and smoked the roles, and were very happy. Both groups returned to the Netherlands and set up shops to share their happiness. Now, when you want to be very happy, stop by a Coffee Shop. When you simply want some coffee, show up at a Cafe. Lesson learned…pictures to follow.

So, I have now been in Holland for two days. The flight over was good and uneventful. My first day I just hung out with my friend Anja, who I knew from Papua New Guinea….we chilled, walked around town, and later in the evening went to a birthday party for an older gentlemen friend of hers and had a blast joking with his (adult) children about the Olympics and the upcoming semester in Lithuania.

Today, I met up with my friend Hans, and, along with two of his cousins, Hannah Anja and myself went to the small town of Utrecht. We toured the Catholic church with the tallest tower in Holland, and climbed every single one of 400-something stairs (we stopped counting) to see the view from the top, which was incredible. We could see the Amsterdam skyline on the horizon, and the whole town laid out in front of us. We also walked around an outdoor market (were I got a new hat!) and went back to Anja’s for some Chinese takeout. I since have come home with Hans so that Hannah and Anja can have some “girl” time together.

I will have pictures soon, but I am doing well and feeling fantastic in Holland.

More to come….


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