In the Air(Port)

Hello, friends,

It’s been awhile since I have written, so since I have time here in Harrisburg International (??) Airport, I think I will update.

Let me begin by saying that the “Hour and a half before domestic flights” really does not apply to small airports. I suppose I should have known this, but I got here and went through security and they x-rayed my bag twice (hopefully it didn’t cook the hard drives I have in there) and I still have 2 hours to wait. Oh well. At least they have free wireless flooding the terminal. This place reminds me of Goroka airport, except that it has 11 more gates (for a whopping total of: 12 whoot) and it’s more clean, and paranoid about security. After all, it was in Goroka airport that I held my first M16. Anyway, I for one am thankful for the paranoia…maybe it will save some lives somewhere down the road, you never know.

My summer stands almost over. I have spent it in quiet reflection, pondering, translating Ruth from Hebrew into English, and other sundry projects. Oh yeah, and plenty of relaxation. This summer’s unexpected fun: Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible. Check him out.

Coming up: A trip to Virginia for 8 days (that would be why I am in the airport).
Insane packing and stuff.
A semester study abroad in Lithuania.

So, while in Virginia I hope to see the ocean which I haven’t seen in several years. It may not seem like a big deal, but I grew up pretty close to the ocean (about 5-15 minutes drive) and we would visit often to watch the sunset and throw a frisbee around, and it is something I really miss. I swear when I arrive in Norfolk I can smell the ocean, and it smells like home. Nowhere else really smells like home. I will also see my brother, that will be cool, too. Hopefully we will get some quality time to hang and just kick it. We also should get over to see the rage: Batman: Dark Knight, and then hopefully Mummy 3 with Jet Li as the new kung-fu mummy. I will also get to see my Aunt Jane and stay with her for several days; that is always fun and crazy.

Then I come back here to little Grantham to finish packing, move some more junk into storage (I cannot believe how much stuff a person can accumulate) and finalize packing before I head to Lithuania for my study abroad. More on that later.

On another note, this terminal has a very nice selection of music on its in house radio. It’s nice to be able to say that, actually…sometimes it is hard to block that stuff out if it is some annoying pop.

So my next stop, will be Philly, where I have been a few times before, and another hour wait before the hop to VA. In all, this looks to be a really easy and relaxed few hours of travel. See you on the flip side.


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