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Piratica Ultima – An Explanation

In France, the year 1789, the prison Bastille was stormed, sparking the French Revolution. This, in turn, sparked a creative revolution, and turned the artistic world’s tables for good. Neoclassicalism was a thing of the past, and Romanticism would forevermore … Continue reading

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A Note on Gender Inclusive Language and Related Issues

OK. I don’t know how much you have heard, read, or had experience with the whole idea of “Gender Inclusive Language” but here at Messiah College, where I learn stuff, I have had to account for this phenomena in my … Continue reading

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Blood Sweat Tears

The rain drops softly from grey bleeding sky Running down cloud edge to roof Streaking window to puddle upon sill Splash splash splashing upon the tender ground Rush down road and alleyway behind Buildings grim-dark Caged around with rusted metal … Continue reading

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