Distance of the Suns

I walk this crazed world
Sidewalks at angles line the road
Sideways I tread, and my vision flips
I focus on the Horizons in the distance
Lightning strikes close to me
The drums beat in my heart in my head
The pace of my life quickens
This is the moment, the time
The meaning I have been waiting for
I smile a grim smirk at Fear
And his brother Trepidation
They know better than to attack me
Not for my strength
But for that of the GodMan who’s silent tread
Roars in the silence of our passage
I feel powerful and invincible
Dead-raising power resides within me
And holds me in an aura of God
The grey streets, crumpled paper
Chain link and barbed wire
Broken, grimy windows and hopeless cityscapes
Are no match for my candle
A lighthouse I have become
And the destitute are coming
Drawn to the Light beacon in me
All around the shadows shatter
As my Light shines

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I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe. I write about what interests me.

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