Joel: Judgement at the House of God

Israel’s harvest stands ready. Each stalk of wheat, barley, and oat is silhouetted against the setting sun. Breezes come off the mountains, blowing towards the shining Mediterranean Sea. Large ripples move back and forth across the fields. This harvest promises to be a plentiful one. Many an Israelite farmer stands, a look of satisfaction on his face, as he watches the wind play across the farmland. One farmer, near to the foothills of Zion, listens. He hears something unusual. He cocks his head and his smile fades. The quiet whisper is rapidly becoming a loud roar. The sky turns black swiftly, completely blotted out. Racing down the mountains, as far in either direction as he can see, is a massive, darkly swarming cloud. Millions of tiny specks move faster than the eye can watch. Within seconds the mass has encompassed his fields and come close enough for identification. Locusts!

This is the opening paragraph of a literary interpretation of the book of Joel. Joel was a minor prophet, set before the captivity of God’s chosen people. This relatively unknown prophet warns Israel of an impending plague of locusts, calls them to repentance afterward, then gives them hope from God in the wake of the devastation. This interpretation was written for my Bible Survey class here at Word of Life. Read the rest of the article at the link at the top of the page, Joel: Literary Interpretation (Joel).

-the StormRider